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Welcome to Chakra Sound Garden

What we do and why we are here...

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Crystal Singing Bowls

Welcome to Chakra Sound Garden.

Hi! We are Jean and Julie, sisters who want to share their gifts and what we've learned to enrich the lives of others.

We grew up on a farm in central Minnesota where we were always empowered to do whatever we dreamed and were encouraged to take on whatever tasks needed to be accomplished to get the job done.

Before his retirement, our father had owned his own sheet metal business and through that and working on the farm, gave us a great example of what hard work and determination could do.

Our parents taught us all to respect everyone. Everyone was expected to do their fair share and was treated as a person first. Labels associated with religion, gender, race, etc were not allowed as a reason for someone to be something less. The only thing that mattered was your heart and the kindness you showed others - the size of your bank account or the condition of your belongings had no bearing on how you were treated.

“Labels associated with religion, gender, race, etc were not allowed as a reason for someone to be something less.”

There was a time when it wasn't "cool" or desirable to be a farmer - at least not for a teenage girl who just wanted to fit in with her peers. We attended school with kids whose parents were doctors, dentists or other financially well off professionals. "Living off the land" just didn't seem as important or as worthy.

Fast forward to entering the world of working adults. Here, we were subjected to various stereotypes and perceived limitations and a lot of unhappy and unhealthy people. Even though the corporate world didn't align with our upbringing, we fell into the "trap" of all the worldly things our salaries could bring us.

Both of us held various leadership positions within large companies, but always found a way to get back to nature - helping with harvest on the farm, gardening, hiking, travel, nature photography or anything that got us outside and in the sunshine.

Eventually realizing that the corporate world wasn't right for us, we chose to leave it behind to help others get "in tune with nature".

Afterall, Nature is a great healer and gives us many gifts to help us all heal our emotions, our minds, our souls and our physical body.

Creating Chakra Sound Garden

Jean was the first to venture out of the corporate world and into the professional world of health and wellness. She started out as a massage therapist, continuing to expand her knowledge and practice in the world of natural health. She added homeopathy, nutrition, sound and other modalities to help her clients and eventually opened her own practice, Family Tree Health and Wellness, LLC, which is still in operation today and located directly next to the Chakra Sound Garden retail space.

Julie had always had a passion for the wonders of the natural world. She read and studied as much as she could about those interests and sought out experiences and teachers that could expand her knowledge and connection to nature. Her time in the corporate world afforded her travel and learning opportunities that she will always treasure.

Fast forward to 2019. We decided that we needed to do something more. Something bigger than ourselves and our current jobs. We decided that Chakra Sound Garden would be that big thing. We wanted to share some of the items we treasure and have found helpful for our own health and wellness with all of you. So, we found a way to do it and we've enjoyed every second so far. We love meeting everyone and discussing gemstones, essential oils, superfoods, sound, you name it...everything that helps us unplug from the fast pace of today's world and "tune in" with nature.

We truly appreciate anyone who trusts us with their stories and shares their knowledge and experiences with us. We learn something new from everyone we meet and we very much look forward to seeing where this next season takes us all. After all, we are all at different stages in our journeys and can learn a lot from each other.

Our vision and goal is that Chakra Sound Garden be the inspiration for creating and expanding a community of health and wellness where everyone can flourish.

Thank you for joining us along the way. We look forward to hearing your story!

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