Sound Healing with Crystal Singing Bowls

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Enjoy the relaxing sounds of the Crystal Singing Bowls for a 30 minute sound (tuning) session.  You can either sit or lie down on a mat on the studio floor or sit in a chair and allow your energy to be rebalanced. Most people feel “lighter” and more relaxed after a session. The session will include a short breathing exercise to start, approximately 20 minutes of Crystal Bowls and then a short grounding exercise to close! This is a quick way to unplug from the day and recharge! It would be beneficial to attend a class as often as you can to maintain your “Tune”.

Duration: 30 min

Cost: $20 or 2 punches on punch card*

Instructor: Jean Struzyk

Intro to Yoga

Yoga Class for all Ages

This 4 class series is designed as an introduction to the practice of yoga. This class will be slower paced and will focus on learning how to breathe and move safely into foundational poses. Come to learn, play, and improve your flexibility and balance in a supportive environment. All bodies are welcome. Highly recommended to attend all 4 classes in this series as each class builds on the previous. Although it is recommend, it is not required to attend all.



Duration: 45 min


Cost: $10 or 1 punch on punch card*


Instructor: Betsy Miller

Beginner's Yoga

Child's Pose

Does your body often feel tight and achy? Do you want to improve your strength, flexibility, and balance? Then beginners yoga class is for you. This class will teach students the basics of yoga as well as expose students to a variety of postures that will work on strengthening the body, releasing tension, and creating more flexibility and balance. Wear comfortable clothing and bring a yoga mat. Join us as we learn how to weave breath and movement in order to create healthy bodies and peaceful minds

Duration: 45 min

Cost: $10 or 1 punch on punch card*

Instructor: Betsy Miller

Intermediate / Advanced Yoga

Yoga Stretch

This yoga class is designed for intermediate and advanced students who have been practicing yoga for a while and who are seeking an energetic flow class. Aimed at bringing about more strength and balance in their lives, students can expect a well-rounded class that uses vinyasa to warm the body, release tension, open the shoulders and hips as well as create more groundedness and balance.

Duration: 60 min

Cost: $10 or 1 punch on punch card*

Instructor: Betsy Miller

Introduction to Meditation & Guided Meditation

Couple Meditating

In this four week series,  we'll be exploring different meditation styles and experiencing your inner self. Starting with guided meditations and continuing with deeper meditations over the course of the month.  


Everyone is welcome - whether you're a novice or have been meditating for years. Followed by Sound Healing with Crystal Bowls.


It is recommended that beginners to meditation attend the week one class, but not required. 


Week One: Intro to Meditation - explore different meditation styles and take part in guided meditations.

Week Two: Instruction on visualizations and tapping into your senses to help you go further into silence. Guided meditation followed by Sound Healing with Crystal Bowls.

Week Three: Longer guided meditations to going into meeting your higher guides and teachers and finding your own guidance. Guided meditation followed by Sound Healing with Crystal Bowls.

Week Four: Getting the answers for guidance for your own life. Guided meditation followed by Sound Healing with Crystal Bowls.

Mats or chairs will be provided.

Duration: 60 min

Cost: $15 per class

Instructors: Paulette Lucas / Jean Struzyk

Dot Mandala Painting - Beginner's Level


Join us in a creative process of painting dot mandalas!  Angela will teach us the basics of dot mandala paintings.  Then you'll experiment with various tools before creating your very own dot mandala on a mini-canvas.  

This is a beginner level class.  All materials will be provided and are included in your class fee.

Stop by the store to reserve your spot. Payment required for reservation.

Duration: 75-90 min

Cost: $15 (cash only)

Instructor: Angela Seutter

Dot Mandala Painting - Intermediate Level


Join us in a creative process of painting dot mandalas! Angela will teach us more advanced techniques of dot mandala paintings - building on techniques used in the beginner's level class. You'll be creating your very own dot mandala on canvas. 

​This is an advanced level class. All materials will be provided and are included in your class fee. 

Stop by the store to reserve your spot. Payment required for reservation.

Duration: 90-120 min
Cost: $15 (cash only)

Instructor: Angela Seutter

Trend? Or...Here to Stay? - Essential Oils

Aromatic Oils

This class is for those unfamiliar with Essential Oils (EO's) or those wondering how these products can be used every day to improve overall wellness. It can be overwhelming to sort through all of the information out there and know what is real. Are they safe? Do they work? How can you use them to replace toxic products currently in use? Is this a trend, or are EO products really something worth incorporating into your life? Come experience what EO's can do for you. Space is limited. Please call to reserve your spot.

Duration: 60 min

Cost: $10 

Instructor: Julie Struzyk

JourneyDance™ The Embodiment Experience


The Embodiment Experience: JourneyDance™ Module 1
For everyone, including dance enthusiasts, yoga practitioners, and spiritual seekers.

Love your body and love your life! Get funky, wild, and free with JourneyDance™, as you break out of the box and shift old patterns that no longer serve you.

JourneyDance™—a union of dance, visualization, and ritual—calls on your inner resources to heal, experience more love, and gain emotional freedom. The JourneyDance™ Leadership Training is a powerful, transformative way to access your joy, express your emotions, and listen to your heart.

In Module 1, you experience:

*Deep immersion into personal embodiment practices
*The JourneyDance™ Flow as a tool for transformation
*The JourneyDance™ Qualities, a synergistic system of chakras, elements, imagery, and music
*Voice work for freedom of expression and empowerment
*An introduction to the processes, rituals, and structure of JourneyDance™
*Toni’s MindBusting™ techniques to help you eliminate negative thinking and limiting self-talk
*A personal dance practice to support your spiritual journey.

ARE YOU READY? Join us for the next JourneyDance™ Embodiment Experience, in Sartell, Minnesota, October 9-13.

Video: "What is JourneyDance™" --

For more information and to register:

Yoga - Gentle with Chair

Smiling Young Woman

This class incorporates a chair prop which helps facilitate better awareness of your alignment, balance, and posture during your yoga poses. We move at a slower and deliberate pace with great awareness of our breathing to help oxygenate our bodies and give us more energy!  We will be building better habits with quality movements and techniques to build strength, stamina, flexibility, and balance for a vital body. We will end our class with a calming meditation, tuning forks, and perhaps a little aromatherapy!


Chairs will be provided.


Duration: 45 min

Cost: $10 or 1 punch on punch card*

Instructor: Christie Hamak

For class times / schedules, please check the "Calendar" tab.

This page and the calendar is updated as more classes are added. Please check back periodically for the most up to date info.

* Pre-pay Punch Cards are available. This is a family and friends card. You can bring anyone with you and use the required amount of punches for each person attending a class (as described in class cost above). For a limited time, cards are available for $56 (7 punches) or $105 (14 punches). Prices subject to change at any time.