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Harmonic Egg

Harmonic Egg

The Harmonic Egg experience is a restorative emotional and physical response to light and sounds, promoting a sense of internal balance and well-being. 


Advanced Sound Healing

Advanced Sound Healing with Crystal Singing Bowls

30 min deep healing session intended for those more familiar with Sound Healing.

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Chakra Scan

Chakra Scan

Do you want to know more about chakras and maybe how you can balance what's "off" and be your best feeling "you"?

Flower Field

  Intro To Flower Essences

Healing with Flower Essences

Add more tools to your toolbox for emotion health and well-being with Australian Bush Essences.


Vibro Acoustic Healing

Vibro Acoustic Healing

Vibroacoustic relaxation is not just for the brain. It also provides deep cellular stimulation to the skin, muscles and joints.


Kids Sound Healing

For Kids - Sound Healing with Crystal Singing Bowls

Sound Healing for ages 12 and under or those who may be gifted with more energy than is cohesive with a general Sound class.

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Emotion Scan

Emotion Scan

Do you want to know more about your emotions and how you can balance what's "off" and be your best feeling "you"?


Tea Time

Time for Tea

Learn the benefits of drinking tea and how to choose the right tea for you...includes tea tasting.

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Sound Healing

Sound Healing with Crystal Singing Bowls

30 minute sound (tuning) session. Most people feel "lighter" and more relaxed after a session.

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  Custom Flower Essences

Custom Flower Essences

Private consultation and customized Australian Bush Flower essences to 
support your specific healing needs. 


iTovi Scan

iTovi Scan

Do you use Essential Oils and oil infused products? Do you want to know more about which products would be most beneficial for you at this time?

* Pre-pay Punch Cards are available for Sound Healing sessions. This is a family and friends card. You can bring anyone with you and use the required amount of punches for each person attending a class (as described in class cost above). For a limited time, cards are available for $56 (7 punches) or $105 (14 punches). Prices subject to change at any time.