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Somavedic has been tested throughout the time by different independent laboratories and is proven to have positive results on our cells and bodies.

  • Lowers Free Radicals in our bodies

  • Improves body’s natural regeneration processes

  • Supports rest and relaxation

  • Improves bioavailability of water (hydration)

  • More and more people are becoming EHS (electromagnetic hypersensitive)

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Do you use Essential Oils and oil infused products? Do you want to know more about which products would be most beneficial for you at this time?

Why not have a scan to find out which products you could benefit from the most?

Stop in any time during regular store hours to get your scan.

The scan is done using a bio-energetics scanner and takes only a few minutes to get personalized product recommendations.

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True wellness starts from within, and Young Living offers an extensive array of nutrition products and essential oils to support wellness. In order to help you live a toxin-free lifestyle, Young Living offers personal care and household products to ensure that you and your family can benefit from naturally derived products for every part of your day.

Essential oils are nothing new. They have been used throughout history in many cultures for their health-supporting benefits. The Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Europeans, and Chinese have used them for centuries for health, beauty, fragrance, and spiritual practices. There are also many references to essential oils in historical texts, which signifies their importance in history.

Of all the companies out there, why would you choose Young Living above all the others? Young Living is the world leader in essential oils. We believe that your family deserves to harvest the benefits of nature’s solutions every day, without compromise. Young Living's commitment to purity and stewardship is embodied in a unique, proprietary process we call Seed to Seal. No other company can match what Young Living does to ensure the purity and potency of the highest quality essential oils on the market.

We believe in Young Living essential oils. The integrity of the company as well as quality of product. We've used YL Oils for over 20 years and would love you to join us in living a toxin-free lifestyle.

With Young Living, you can support your own health and well-being. Are you ready to be empowered? Contact us or click one of the purple buttons on our Join YL page HERE.


The First FUNCTIONAL Chocolate Bar: Everything A Chocolate Bar Isn't, Everything A Protein Bar Wishes It Was.

Plant based, 100% Organic, Gluten Free, Non-GMO, Vegan, All real whole food ingredients...and truly delicious!

Satisfies your afternoon cravings and carry you over up until your next meal!

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Jo-Anne Brown (Jo) is an energy healer, bioresonance practitioner and former environmental engineer who lives in central Queensland, Australia with her husband and two puppies.

For more than 14 years, Jo has supported her clients’ health energetically – both intuitively and through frequency therapies using Traditional Chinese Medicine principles. 

In her work, Jo helps both in-house and distance clients to release disharmonious belief systems, stuck emotions and chronic physical imbalances and dysfunction.

She draws extensively on her engineering background as she helps to release the energetic hold of toxins and microbial overload.

Jo also contributes to Cyndi Dale’s annual Apprenticeship Program where she shares three classes that cover the underlying energetics of disease patterns and archetypes.

And in late October, she will be co-releasing her multi-author book on Amazon, called Intuitive: Speaking Her Truth.

Jo has worked with clients worldwide and offers online intuitive sessions through her website (click HERE).