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Who we are ~

At Chakra Sound Garden,  we offer products, classes and information that add value to the health and well being of your entire family. We collaborate with and support artisans in the creation of handcrafted, unique and purposeful art and products.

Your patronage bolsters small business owners and artists as well as Chakra Sound Garden, a women owned and operated business.

We appreciate you and are grateful to offer many products and resources for you and your family's growth of health and wellness.

Some of the products & services we offer:

- Harmonic Egg

- Vibro-Acoustic Healing

- Sound Healing

- Custom Flower Essences

- Custom Essential Oil Blends / Sprays

- crystal singing bowls

- steel tongue drums

- hand hammered singing bowls

- gemstones

- gemstone jewelry

- gemstone water bottles and decanters

- essential oils and essential oil rollers, diffusers and tools

- water filtration / purification systems

- air purifiers

- flower, gemstone & environmental essences

- books & card decks

- space clearing products

- authentic Himalayan salt lamps

- authentic Baltic Amber necklaces and bracelets

- sprouting seeds and microgreen seeds

- pendulums

- pet food / products

- clean soaps / lotions / bath products

- clean products for your home

- a lot more!

We also offer a variety of classes. Watch our calendar for class schedules.

- Sound Healing with Crystal Singing Bowls

- Essential Oils for Everyone (including animals)


- Crystals / Gemstones

- Energy Balancing

- Meditation

- Chakras

- Space Clearing

- a lot more!


Our goal is to be a resource for the community for natural health tools. Watch our Blog for information on products we carry or other interesting happenings.

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